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This page describes, further detailed in forthcoming documents, the layout of my network which powers several websites (this one included), services, and serves as my lab and gateway to learning about a varietary of topics. These topics range from technical ones such as networking and network management to building and maintaining servers, and everything in between. Further, this network also serves as a documentation and design platform to which I may better understand these subjects and how I can best apply knowledge gained from these experiences in my chosen career path.

The contents of this page will be continuously updated as my network expands/shrinks.

Recent Updates

Tue Nov 4 14:07:09 EST 2014 has been successfully migrated to CentOS 7

Mon Oct 20 09:09:34 EDT 2014 has been successfully migrated to CentOS 7

Wed Oct 15 09:05:32 EDT 2014 has been successfully migrated to CentOS 7

Rack Implementation

Rack implementation is broken up into several sections below.

  • Summary of Devices: Provides a list of physical devices which are currently mounted in the rack
  • Power Consumption: Details on the current power draw as measured by a Kill-A-Watt device, and power routing
  • Diagram & Details: A basic diagram showing the topology of the devices installed in the rack, and a short labeled summary as to the nodes and Vlan1 interface addresses
  • Media: Additional media/photographs related to the implementation of the rack

Summary of Devices

  • 36U Rack
  • 3 Power Distribution Units (PDU's)
  • 3 Cisco Switches
  • 3 Cisco Routers
  • 6 Physical Servers (2 presently decommissioned)

Power Consumption and Design

Zen-rack power.png

Current Power Draw: ~480 Watts @ 4.2 Amps

Diagram & Details

Zen-rack 20140924.png



WAN connectivity is provided via a Commercial Verizon FiOS pipe which is rated at 75Mbps up/down. However, sustained speeds of 100Mbps in either direction are more common than not. Below is a recent result:

Wan speedtest.png

Basic Topology

There is more to my topology, however, this represents the bulk of what's going on behind the scenes.

Zen network.png


VID Name Description Network Net Mask # of IP's IP's Used Gateway Active
1 default Main network 256 24
5 CORE Network for core network operations 32 2
10 DB Dedicated network for inter-database communication 32 1
15 LEGACY Legacy devices network 32 1
25 WIFI-GUEST Guest WIFI AP's 128 3
50 PRIVM Dedicated network for personal Virtual Machines 32 9
55 PUBVM Dedicated network for public Virtual Machines 32 2
66 GUEST Guest network for misc. usage 32 0
  • 'Active' column coloration: green = active; red = inactive
  • 5 out of 8 networks currently in use


Phys/VM VMID Hostname CPUs Memory Raw Storage Network VLAN Description Active
Phys N/A 4 4GB 74GB 1GbE 1 Border Router / Firewall / DHCP / DNS
Phys N/A 2 8GB 8TB 1GbE 1 FreeNAS (NFS/CIFS)
Phys N/A 8 32GB 28TB 1GbE 1 ProxmoxVE Virtualization Node (Secondary)
Phys N/A 16 48GB 4TB 1GbE 1 ProxmoxVE Virtualization Node (Primary)
VM 100 8 8GB 80GB 1GbE 1 SNMP Network Monitoring (Observium/Cacti)
VM 101 4 4GB 20GB 100Base-TX 50 Apache Web Node
VM 102 2 2GB 40GB 100Base-TX 50 Utility Server
VM 103 8 8GB 40GB 1GbE 1 Plex Media Server
VM 104 16 8GB 40GB 100Base-TX 50 Active Directory Host
VM 106 4 4GB 20GB 100Base-TX 50 Primary Database Host
VM 107 4 1GB 10GB 100Base-TX 50 Load Balancer (Zen Load Balancer)
VM 108 4 8GB 270GB 100Base-TX 50 Virtual Datamover
VM 111 16 8GB 1TB 1GbE 1 Varnish/Nginx/ownCloud Node
VM 112 2 2GB 10GB 100Base-TX 5 Postfix/Dovecot Mail Server
VM 114 4 1GB 20GB 1GbE 50 OpenLDAP Node
VM 115 4 4GB 40GB 100Base-TX 50 Minecraft Server
VM 116 4 4GB 32GB 100Base-TX 50 Varnish/Nginx Caching Server
VM 117 4 1GB 10GB 1GbE 1 Virtual Router (pfSense)
VM 118 16 16GB 1.5TB 1GbE 1 Cloud Platform Testing
VM 119 4 1GB 20GB 1GbE 1 Virtual Router (VyOS)
VM 120 16 8GB 750GB 1GbE 1 FreeNAS TimeMachine
VM 105 2 512MB 4GB 100Base-TX 50 DHCP Server (VLAN50)
VM 109 2 512MB 4GB 100Base-TX 55 DHCP Server (VLAN55)
  • 'Active' column coloration: green = active; red = inactive
  • 20 out of 25 servers are currently active